Murder at the Grill

Sertoma 2012-02-14

Members of the club dressed for a cookout in the 1950’s only to discover the host Tom Dooley murdered with a BBQ fork.  Everyone had a great time trying to figure out who was the culprit:  Chubby Cheddar?  Bobby Sox?  Johnny Angel?  Barby Q?  Ivan Spudnik?  NO  It was the beautiful Miss Kansas City, Tiara diamond.  A fun time for everyone. (Joe Kennedy is going to sleep with one eye open from now on)

About Sertoma
Founded in 1912, Sertoma is the third oldest civic service organization. Sertomans total about 11,000 members in clubs throughout the United States. Every year Sertoma clubs raise more than $20 million for community needs. Through these projects, as well as grants and scholarships, Sertoma clubs return those funds to their respective communities. Sertoma’s primary service project is assisting the more than 50 million people with speech-language and hearing disorders.
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